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The Berkey water filter is the simplest, most effective method of water treatment available. All things taken together your Berkey can provide you with high quality water in almost any circumstance where fresh water is available - pond, pool, lake, river, stream or puddle. Everyday or in an emergency your Berkey filter works because it uses no electricity. No other water filter can match the Berkey water filter for all-around convenience. Information is the key to good decision making and we at Berkey Water Filter System hope these articles help you to make the decision to make a Berkey part of your lifestyle.

"Berkey Water Filters and Bottled Water - It Is Just Water In A Bottle - Right?

Berkey and Bottled Water - Social Phenemenon.

A Little History:
The Berkey water filter and the bottled water industry both had their inception in the modern era with the realization that disease could be transmitted through water. Berkey water filters ancestry dates to Doultan Pottery in England and the use of diatomaceous Earth to produce effcent filters that could reduce the presence of bacteriain water and reduce cholera dn other water borne disease outbreaks. The bottled water industry began with the sale, in 1830, of natural mineral water in earthenware jugs. The waters source was springs located in the city of Evian, France. Today, the Evian company is one of the best known bottlers. They produce about 6 million liters of natural mineral water a day, selling in 130 countries around the world. They earn about 500 million US dollars annually.

Other Players on the Bottled Water World Stage:

  • The Nestle company has the largest share of the water bottling industry with 15% of the market. In 1999 they sold 3.5 Billion US dollars worth of product.
  • Bottled waters sold under the brand names of Evian, Volvic, Perrier, San Pelligino and others are controlled either by the Nestle or Danone companies.
  • Cokes Denasi and BonAqua and PepsiCos Aquafina are both strong rivals in the water market just as they are in the soda market. (More about some of their unsavory corporate policies later on)
  • Despite the presence of large players, about 70% of the market is controlled by local companies.

Three Categories of Water in Bottles:

  • Natural mineral water - microbiologically wholesome with a stable concentration of minerals and trace elements. It must be untreated and emerge naturally from an undeground source.
  • Spring water - Microbiologially wholesome and emerging naturally from an underground source. It is not required to have a stable concentration of minerals or trace elments.
  • Purified water - Coming from either a surface or underground source, it can be treated for human consumption.

Next Time You Buy Bottled Water think about a Berkey Water Filter as an alternative

The FDA quality standards for purified water are the same as the EPA standards for tap water often is just that - tap water.
Dressed up and marked up for your drinking water pleasure and the bottlers bottom line.

The Water, The Bottle And The Bottled Water Industry

Bottled water cannot be seperated easily from the industry that produces and markets it to us - the Bottled Water Industry.

This industry is represented by the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association. To find out more about what they are doing to promote their industry you can visit their website.
As with so many products that may be beneficial to the consumer, every bottle of water you buy supports an industry whose profit strategies may be abusive to either people or places. They might not further the general good of the world at large or they may be blatantly exploitive .....BUT

There are always two side to every story.

Bottled Water is Not Evil - In many cases bottled water is an alternative contaminated tap water. The problem is when it becomes a permanenet solution to tap water. Then the methods of prodcution as wellas extraction put burdensome stresses on the environment and our natural resources.

Berkey Water FIlters are a Common-Sense Solution -
Here's way Berkey is such a great alternative:

  • It is long-lasting
  • Your Berkey use results in a minimal amount of waste
  • Your Berkey is low-tech, simple solutions rule at Berkey
  • Your Berkey water filter environmental impact is very low
  • It's is highly effective
  • Your Berkey use no electricity which makes it valuable in an emergency.
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