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The Berkey water filter is the simplest, most effective method of water treatment available. All things taken together your Berkey can provide you with high quality water in almost any circumstance where fresh water is available - pond, pool, lake, river, stream or puddle. Everyday or in an emergency your Berkey filter works because it uses no electricity. No other water filter can match the Berkey water filter for all-around convenience. Information is the key to good decision making and we at Berkey Water Fitler System hope these articles help you to make the decision to make a Berkey part of your lifestyle.

Berkey Water Filter System and Bottled Drinking Water Companies

It strikes me as amazing that just a few short years ago the idea of paying for a bottle of ordinary water would have been seen as a ridiculous waste of money. Yet the new reality is that bottled drinking water companies sell billions of dollars worth of water to consumers every year. Almost half of all American buy bottled water, and the reasons vary from person to person. What ever the reason, a better solution would be to use a Berkey water filter - it's a common-sense as opposed to a media driven solution. Here are some reson people drink bottled water:

  • Concern about safety of drinking water at home
  • Traveling to places with questionable water supplies
  • Portability for use while exercising or playing
  • Taste
  • Peer Pressure - getting water from a drinking fountain or tap is so uncool
  • Confusion regarding home filtering products

For all the above reasons the Berkey water filter is the best solution but the bottled drinking water companies produce bottled water that is sold as clearer, fresher, coming from spring water, and so on, and that may not be a whole truth. But the reality is that bottled water is popular with many people because it tastes better. Most bottled water does taste better than tap water for the simple reson that most tap water is sanitized using chlorine which you can both taste and smell in the water.

Unlike the manufactures of the Berkey water filter public water supplies do not care as much about odor or taste in the water, because their principle job is to protect you from bacteria and other contaminants. Your Berkey water filter onthe other hand was design to provide safe and healthy tasting water. Most municipal water tastes very bad due to the minerals that may exist naturally in the water, but most often from treatment chemicals. Bottled drinking water companies offer an alternative that everyone can easily access - for a price.

Some bottled water does taste fresh and pure because most often it has been filtered to remove offensive tastes and odors. That does not mean it is entirely safe to drink. Water from your Berkey filter is more likely to offer less risk to your health. Production of bottle water is however only minimally controlled by the US Food and Drug Administration, it is largely an unregulated industry and the only controls imposed are those of the marketplace. If their water makes you sick there business will suffer, the bottom line is the regulating force. If a bottle of water says it is spring water, the label has to tell you which spring was the source. You can even buy flavored water if you do not like the taste of plain water.

The fact is that bottled drinking water companies produce water that is safe to drink, no safer however than what you might find coming from your tap, the same set of regulations apply in both cases. Berkey water filters consistently produce water in your home from your tap water that is safe and fresh-tasting. There are no recorded incidents at the Center for Disease Control involving illness due to contaminated bottled water. That cannot be said about the public drinking water treated at the nearest plant to your house.

Understanding Bottled Water Terms

Bottled drinking water companies have developed their own set of descriptive words to describe their water. You need to understand what you are buying and make sure that no additives such as sodium are in the water that can cause you a problem. Though bottled water has been purified, some brands have enhanced their water with compounds such as magnesium sulfate.

  • Artesian water comes from an artesian well where the aquifer sits lower than the drinking water source.
  • Mineral water has minerals added at a minimum rate of 250 parts per million.
  • Purified water has been cleansed of microscopic pathogenic contaminants and most known toxins through a multi-stage filtering process.
  • Sparkling water retains the original levels of carbon dioxide.
  • Well water is water that comes from a well accessing the main aquifer.
  • Spring water is just that spring water!
  • Berkey water is water that comes from your Berkey water filter - We call it pure, safe and fresh-tasting

When you go to the grocery store or shop online, you will find an array of water produced by bottled drinking water companies. Each label will use at least one of the terms just described. In the end, the choice of water is strictly a consumer decision. We suggest your consumer decision to ignore them all and look out for your own health with a Berkey water filter. Save yourself the nuisance of lugging around water bottles and the earth the nuisance of bottled water garbage.

A Common -Sense Solution from BerkeyWaterFIlterSystem
The Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The best decision you can make is to use a Berkey home filter system from Buying  water in a bottle, especially one of the 12 oz bottles is a ridiculously expensive and environmentally unfriendly option that primarily benefits the bottom line of the companies bottling the water. Although we sell a wide variety of water filters we recommend the Berkey. Any of the Berkey gravity fed water filters will economically and efficiently produce water of better quality than found in most bottled water. More and more, conscientious consumers like you are beginning to take a second look at the bad habit of buying bottled water and instead making the wise choice of taking control of their drinking water by using a Berkey water filter from

Here's way Berkey is such a great alternative:

  • It is long-lasting
  • Your Berkey use results in a minimal amount of waste
  • Your Berkey is low-tech, simple solutions rule at Berkey
  • Your Berkey water filter environmental impact is very low
  • Your Berkey is highly effective
  • Your Berkey use no electricity which makes it valuable in an emergency.
  • Your Berkey is Your Berkey meaning that you are in control of the quality of your water.
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