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The Berkey water filter is the simplest, most effective method of water treatment available. All things taken together your Berkey can provide you with high quality water in almost any circumstance where fresh water is available - pond, pool, lake, river, stream or puddle. Everyday or in an emergency your Berkey filter works because it uses no electricity. No other water filter can match the Berkey water filter for all-around convenience. Information is the key to good decision making and we at Berkey Water Fitler System hope these articles help you to make the decision to make a Berkey part of your healthy lifestyle.

Berkey Water Filters and Parasites

Your Berkey filter is the best way to provide drinking water free from microbial pathogens to your family. We all know tha drinking water and parasites are a bad combination. There was a serious outbreak of the waterborne parasites in Milwaukee in 1993. Over a hundred people were killed and over 400,000 got sick. The culprit that time was Cryptosporidium. The next parasitic outbreak in a public water supply was Giardia, and there is no way to know what new parasite will appear at some future point. While not common outbreaks do occur when equipment fails or an error is made in water monitoring specifications. That's when you'll be glad that your wate comes from a Berkey water filter.

Dangerous Micro-Organisms Are Removed by Your Berkey Filter

After the Milwaukee outbreak, drinking water and parasites become a topic of concern for public and private water users that continues today. Giardia and Cryptosporidium are parasites that live in water and cause an intestinal illness. The parasites create cysts that can resist the worst conditions possible. Despite their hardiness they can be removed by a high quality filter such as the Black Berkey, used in all the Berkey models.

When you drink water infested with Giardia and Cryptosporidium the cysts are ingested. The cysts hatch in your intestines, begin to thrive in the moist environment, and eventually reproduce. The cysts are passed out of the body through feces. It is not a pleasant subject, but it is an important subject because it concerns the safety of drinking water and parasites.

When you get ill from drinking water, and parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, the symptoms of the illness include cramps, weight loss and even vomiting among others. Many of symptoms are similar to the flu with chills, fever and diarrhea. Interestingly, after about a month, a healthy person is rid of the parasite and recovers from the illness.

The more serious problem with drinking water and parasites is the exposure of people with compromised immune systems. People who are sick or going through cancer treatments can experience more severe symptoms because their immune systems are depressed. Making sure the water you drink is safe from such infections is why the Black Berkey filter was developed.

Berkey Drinking Water and Parasites

Most people want to know how drinking water and parasites become a danger to the populace. Giardia is a parasite found in human, dog and other animal feces. Cryptosporidium has been found mostly in cattle feces. Water can get contaminated with feces in a number of ways including from source waters like reservoirs and lakes.

If the municipal water treatment plant does not have adequate purification systems operating, the parasite can survive the plant and find its way to the home water supply. If your home does not have a filtering system that can kill parasites, you and your family will ingest the water micro-organisms. That's why it so important to have a Berkey water filter as a second line of defense.

Both the United States and Canada have found the parasites in drinking water since the Milwaukee outbreak. But treatment plants are now aware of the parasites and research is being done on how to monitor and control the water infestation. Studies have shown that using chlorine and ultraviolet light will kill both organisms, that still leaves the possibility that they will get into your water supply as a result of error or equipment failure. A Berkey water filter on the counter will go a long way towards reducing any threat of infection.

Drinking water and parasites are a serious threat to safe water supplies. These are just two parasites that have appeared and caused illness. The ability of micro-organisms to survive in some of the worst conditions also makes them the hardest to destroy. The best way to prevent serious consequences from a parasite contamination is to stop the parasites from entering the treatment plant from the original water source. This is very difficult to accomplish and that leaves the ultimate responsibility for providing safe water to you and your loved ones in your hands and that is where having a Berkey will leave you feeling satisfied at having done the best - the Berkey best.

If you have any concerns about your water supply, or an unexplained illness that meets the symptoms described above, check your water supply. Odds are you just have the flu, but it is best to know the truth for the protection of everyone who accesses the water supply. Some of the diseases can be deadly so don;t hesitate to contact a doctor and to have your water tested. If you don;t have a Berkey order one today.

Here's Why Berkey Water Filter is Such a Great Alternative:

  • Your Berkey is long-lasting
  • Your Berkey use results in a minimal amount of waste
  • Your Berkey is low-tech, simple solutions rule at Berkey
  • Your Berkey water filter environmental impact is very low
  • Your Berkey is highly effective
  • Your Berkey use no electricity which makes it valuable in an emergency.
  • Your Berkey is YOUR BERKEY meaning that you are in control of the quality of your water.
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