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The Berkey water filter is the simplest, most effective method of water treatment available. All things taken together your Berkey can provide you with high quality water in almost any circumstance where fresh water is available - pond, pool, lake, river, stream or puddle. Everyday or in an emergency your Berkey filter works because it uses no electricity. No other water filter can match the Berkey water filter for all-around convenience. Information is the key to good decision making and we at Berkey Water Fitler System hope these articles help you to make the decision to make a Berkey part of your healthy lifestyle.

"Berkey Water Filters and Drinking Water Scarcity , Going - Going - Doggone Expensive"

The Creation of a Water Debt
Drinking water scarcity and the rising cost of safe, healthy, good tasting drinking water is a problem that is starting to impose itself on the western world. The Global Water Crisis has been a term previously reserved for problems in the third world countries. It is more and more descriptive of a worldwide non-exclusive dilemma

In many part of the world, water is just not available or not easy to get to. In other parts of the world it is available but is unsafe to drink. Even where previously healthy drinking water was available there now exists the increasing risk of contamination.

The possibility that water from your tap and/or bottling companies is unhealthy and could pose a risk to our families is very real.

We Should Have Doubts About the Quality of Our Water - That's Where Your Berkey Comes In

The economics of water reflect the increasing awareness people have that their tap water poses a risk.
Over 150 BILLION LITERS of bottled water were purchased worldwide last year at a cost of over 100 BILLION dollars.
That is way past being a fad.

The issues of drinking water are complex. The factors that determine what problems exist and what the remedies might be, change dramatically from place to place, year to year and sometimes season to season.

Factors That Determine Water Availability and Quality Include:

  • Aquafer size and accessibility,
  • Weather patterns, both seasonal and long term patterns,
  • Population density,
  • Agriculture,
  • Industry,
  • Lifestyles,
  • Economic development,
  • Environmental awareness (conservation),
  • Politics,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Man-made disasters,

Other topics related to drinking water scarcity:

  • Availability of drinking water around the globe, Who has enough, who too little based on daily use standards?
  • Methods of distributing water around the globe, How does water get to people or people to water?
  • Figuring nature into the mix - draughts and floods, both devastating,
  • Solutions to reduced water resources or access:
    • New wells,
    • Treatment plants,
    • Desalination,
    • Redistribution and Allocation - Realigning nature,
    • Conservation,
    • Bottled Water,
    • Privatization,
    • United Nations efforts,

Here's Why Berkey Water Filter is Such a Great Alternative:

  • Your Berkey is long-lasting
  • Your Berkey use results in a minimal amount of waste
  • Your Berkey is low-tech, simple solutions rule at Berkey
  • Your Berkey water filter environmental impact is very low
  • Your Berkey is highly effective
  • Your Berkey use no electricity which makes it valuable in an emergency.
  • Your Berkey is YOUR BERKEY meaning that you are in control of the quality of your water.
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