Which of these situations apply to you?

  • Drinking Water Treatment at My Home
  • Drinking Water Treatment Where I Work
  • Drinking Water Treatment in an Emergency


Currently I use unfiltered tap water from the city or private well

Make my Unfiltered Tap Water Safe and Fresh-Tasting

There are lots of reasons to question the quality of your tap water:

  • 21,000 violations of EPA regulations by municipal water providers is big one.
  • Evidence shows that one of the chemicals used by most municipalities to purify your water, Chlorine and its byproducts, are harmful to our health.

Having high-quality filtered water available at every tap in the house requires a whole house filter. This is not a small investment and requires professional installation. Not a bad solution, but not an easy remedy.

We use a Big Berkey in the kitchen. We fill it up in the evening and by morning it provides us with 2.25 gallons of drinking water. We put some in a 1 gallon pitcher to chill in the fridge and some in 1 quart pitchers for the 2 bathrooms. The remaining water we use for making coffee, tea or cooking.
Our Big Berkey provides the two of us with just the right amount of water for our daily needs.
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Create an extra line of defense for my whole house filter

There are many types of whole-house, under sink or countertop filters, each with pluses and minuses.

The PLUSES to the above are:

  • With a whole-house model, filtered water conveniently comes from every tap
  • Under sink units have the advantage of being hidden, leaving counter-space open.
  • Countertop units …… I have no idea why anyone would buy a countertop unit.
The MINUSES are:
  • All of the above must be maintained according to the manufacturers recommendations to be effective
  • They are contaminant specific and may not remove a broad range of contaminants. They may leave you at risk
  • Some units are expensive to buy and maintain
  • Units that are not expensive to buy and maintain are probably only effective at clarifying the water, not purifying the water.
  • All of the above are energy dependant and will not work if the power is out (no electricity = no water pressure or electricity for: UV bulb, Heater for a distiller, Pump for an RO unit, etc.
The house we had while living in Mexico, where even the Mexicans don’t drink the water, had a paper filter cartridge followed by a carbon block filter followed by a UV light. The trouble with all that was maintenance. The first time I opened the containers for the cartridges, which was several weeks after we moved in, I found a foul-looking, foul-smelling mess. I couldn’t believe we had been drinking water that had flowed through that pond-scum. I also discovered that the UV light had burned out. I don’t know for how long it had been out. All I know was that we had been at serious risk of illness from drinking that water. We discovered Berkey about that time, ordered ours, got it and within minutes had a source of safe, contaminant-free drinking water. We used it, and still do, as our sole source of drinking water. It is our “SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE”. Obviously, we recommend using a Berkey as the MOST SENSIBLE SOLUTION.

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Whether it is at an office or a construction site or a factory or warehouse, workers can meet the challenges of each day more effectively and efficiently if they stay hydrated. Meeting that need is an important part of employees or supervisors responsibilities.

Controlling the quality of water you drink at home is relatively easy.
Controlling the quality of water where you work may not be.
Make a mental check if the following applies.

Currently workers depend on:

  • A water cooler to provide drinking water
  • Bottled water to provide drinking water
  • Tap water where I work
  • No real source of good safe, drinking water where I work.
  • Workers substitute coffee or soda for drinking water.


A sensible alternative is the Crown Berkey - whether it’s an office setting, in a job trailer, out on the plant floor or out on a construction site

  • Feature – a storage capacity of 6 gallons
  • Benefit – can easily accommodate a medium to large size work group.

  • Feature – a flow rate of from 6.5 gallons per hour with two filter elements to 26 Gallons per hour with 8 filter elements.
  • Benefit - will provide you with just the right “fit” for you work situation.

  • Feature – Portability
  • Benefit – Easily stored and conveniently situated on the job site.

  • Feature – Durability
  • Benefit – Stainless steel construction can survive worksite handling

  • Feature – Dependability
  • Benefit – Unlike most high maintenance filter systems your Berkey requires minimal attention.

  • Feature - no-electricity and no plumbing
  • Benefit #1 – makes your Berkey conveniently moves in and out of storage and if needed, from job to job.
  • Benefit #2 – Ideal in an emergency
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Being on the road, in the air, in a hotel, motel in or out of country puts you at risk.

  • Travelers diarrhea affects 20 to 50% percent of all travelers. Traveling to CDC declared “high risk” countries such as Mexico brings with it an 80% chance of getting Travelers Diarrhea.
  • Drinking contaminated water while traveling can be more than an inconvenience, it can be deadly. In the US alone, approximately 1200 people die annually from water-borne disease.
  • If you travel when you work, you want to stay productive and eliminate any risks associated with contaminated water
  • When you take vacations you want yourself and your loved ones to stay healthy, have all the fun they can and reduce any risks associated with drinking contaminated water.
  • If you love outdoor recreation you want to stay hydrated without risking illness as a result of contaminated water

Two good choices for use while traveling

1. The Berkey Portable Water Filter is ideal companion for shorter trips or for indoor or outdoor recreation, Portable Water Filter Bottlewhere it’s convenient size and light weight are important.


  1. Small hand held size – 22oz
  2. Light weight
  3. As effective as the larger filters
  4. Inexpensive - $39.95 (check out our Special offers)
  5. Long-lasting – 160 refills
  6. Durable –
  7. Simply Squeeze and drink - no pumping

2. The Travel Berkey is ideal companion when size and weight are less important, such as with longer trips or with larger groups.

Travel Berkey Features:

Durable and easily maintained stainless steel construction
1.5 gallon capacity
A flow rate of 2.75 gallons per hour
Same effectiveness as all Berkey filter systems
Easy to set up and take down
Compact storage takes little space


From the inconvenience of a power outage to the destructive affects of Mother Nature on a rampage, the number of things that can gowrong are endless.

Here’s a shocking realization – until help arrives - you may be in charge

  • If you are alone you certainly will be
  • If you are with others you still may be

One big question “ In charge of what?”

Answer “Whatever it is that will keep you and your loved ones healthy and alive”

A source of safe drinking water should be pretty high up on that list.

Make a mental check if the following applies:

  • I need a means of providing safe drinking water to myself and loved ones in the event of a power outage
  • I need a means of providing safe drinking water in the event of a natural disaster
  • I need a means of providing safe water in the event of the accidental or purposeful contamination of our main water supply

Our Recommendation -
All of the above mentioned filters were designed to be there for you in an emergency.
Your choice will depend on your circumstance.

Features that make any of our Berkey gravity feed water filter systems ideal in an emergency

  • It operates without electricity
  • It’s able to filter water from any fresh water source, making it the perfect choice for emergency or survival kits
  • High quality materials and high quality construction make it durable and dependable

These units have been use in some of the most extreme circumstances around the world for many years, by missionaries, relief workers, the Red Cross, Unicef and families like yours and mine.

Whatever your situation - wherever you’re at - whatever you’re doing
Berkey water has just the right solution for your drinking water needs


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