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The Berkey water filter is the simplest, most effective method of water treatment available. All things taken together your Berkey can provide you with high quality water in almost any circumstance where fresh water is available - pond, pool, lake, river, stream or puddle. Everyday or in an emergency your Berkey filter works because it uses no electricity. No other water filter can match the Berkey water filter for all-around convenience. Information is the key to good decision making and we at Berkey Water Fitler System hope these articles help you to make the decision to make a Berkey part of your healthy lifestyle.

Drinking Water Purification Process and the Berkey Water Filter System

When talking about the abiblity of Berkey Filters or anyother drinking water purification process, the assumption is that all contaminants are eliminated from the water. The reality is that there are acceptable levels of water contamination, even for the Berkey filters. Those are the levels where the contaminant concentration in the water won't make you sick or cause disease after drinking water or most likely reduces the risk to a level that keeps water readily available and affordable. No one likes to think about what might be in their drinking water, yet that is exactly what you should be doing, then think about how much better the water will be after it goes through the Black Bekrey filter.

Acceptable Levels for Berkey Filters and Other Treatment Systems

Americans are very concerned about the drinking water purification process at their local water treatment plants as evidenced by the level of spending on water filters for the home, including the Berkey Filter Systems. Every year, billions of dollars are spent trying to keep home waters safe for drinking and showering, not all of this money is spent wisely and lots of it just plain wasted. Berkey is a proven affordable system that offers high qaulity water at a reasonable cost. Healthy people can often settle for filtered water which has all bacteria destroyed, but there are lots of other considerations that a Berkey filter addresses better and with a simple technology.

Water from your Berkey water filter has more than 99.9999% of the bacteria removed and your Berkey also removes all other contaminants including chemicals and metals. The more sophisticated the filtering or purification system you purchase for your home, the more contaminants may be removed from your water, but that is not a direct correlation, you may just be buying a sophisicated technology without any extra benefits that you could get from a Berkey filter system for much less money. But it is important to understand that there is no home filter that will remove every single kind of contaminant. Distilling and Reverse Osmosis technology are the best systems but expensive to operate and amaintain, everything is a compromise and Berkey still gives you the best value for your money and your health.

Here's What Won't be in Your Berkey Water

Perhaps one day such a municipal system will be invented that solves all these problems, but for now the drinking water purification process involves removing the known dangerous levels of contamination from water that enters your home and it's up to you. Do you and your family a great service, buy use your Berkey everyday. Here are some of the things that your Berkey will remove from your water.

  • Microbes
  • Giardia
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Lead
  • Nitrates
  • Radium
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Radon

The drinking water purification process that Berkey uses removes a list of contaminants that sound as if they came right out of a disaster manual. Attempts to develop effective filtering systems for the home have resulted in the creation of a variety of models to meet the needs of different size families and lifestyles as well as the Berkey Shower Filter.

Berkey is in a Long List of A Who's Who of Purification

In addition to the Berkey other filters work in various ways to cleanse water. Different filters also do not remove the same water contaminants. You need to buy the drinking water purification process that will filter most of the contaminants found in your area and because it's expensive to test water your best choice is to choose a filter that will remove the widest range of contaminants and that is the Berkey water filter.

Types of Water Treatment Installations.

  • Free standing and not connected to water supply (like the Berkey models)
  • Added to a water tap
  • Added to the water line leading to the faucet (point-of-use)
  • Added to the refrigerator water line
  • Connected the water entry point of the house (point-of-entry)
  • Added to the shower head

The Berkey Shower Filter is an Important Addition

Another consideration when choosing a filtering system extends beyond the drinking water purification process. Shower water can be a health hazard too. Some of the chemicals used to purify drinking water can mix with organic and inorganic materials and form dangerous gases. You can place Berkey Shower filter on each shower, that and using your Berkey filter daily can be the most effective and economical choice in the long-run to reduce the risk of ill-health from contaminated water.

It is a complicated world. Just when you believe it is safe to drink the water, a new contaminant is uncovered in water. As the USA infrastructure continues to age, the problem is only going to get worse. Leaching from old pipe lines is an example of how unexpected contaminants can show up in water. The most sensible solution is to use a Berkey filter everyday.

All you can do is make sure your home water is filtered, stay informed about your local water quality, and keep on drinking water!

Here's Why Berkey Water Filter is Such a Great Alternative:

  • Your Berkey is long-lasting
  • Your Berkey use results in a minimal amount of waste
  • Your Berkey is low-tech, simple solutions rule at Berkey
  • Your Berkey water filter environmental impact is very low
  • Your Berkey is highly effective
  • Your Berkey use no electricity which makes it valuable in an emergency.
  • Your Berkey is YOUR BERKEY meaning that you are in control of the quality of your water.
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