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We're compiling a section of reviews of all the Berkey products from all kinds of different sources. Here's what we've found about the Berkey Light Water Filter.

Berkey Light Water Filter Review from Andrew C Runciman of Kingsport on Amazon

New Berkey Light Water Filter System With 2 Black Berkey Filters

My family got one of these about a year or two ago and I think everyone appreciates it. This thing filters water better than I could have imagined. After drinking mainly from this, I can taste the chemicals (or whatever's adding the funny taste) even in bottled water.
The biggest problem is it's going to make having to drink other water quite painful (well, the filters and the intensely slow speed of this can be a pain sometimes too).

Berkey Light Water Filter Review from Shammus McGillicuddy of Brooklyn NY on Amazon

New Berkey Light Water Filter System With 2 Black Berkey Filters

I'd long heard stories from homesteading friends and off-grid families about how great the Berkey purifiers are, and now I know first hand.This purifier is considered the absolute best for off-grid and outdoor applications - it filers bacteria, chemicals, and all kinds of gunk completely out or to below detectable levels. You can even filter dirty pond and lake water into useable water.

We are renovating a rural house, and gutted it completely - no electric, no nothing. We bought the Berkey so we would have water when we camped out in the house. It is awesome - we pump some water out of the well with a portable pump and run it through the Berkey, and it is crystal clear and completely pure. Our well hadn't been pumped in five years and it was *really* dirty - still, perfect water once we filtered it through the Berkey. It's remarkably quick too - 4 gallons an hour. We even put our gravity-shower water through it, just cause we can.

We bought the Berkey Light model with the LEDs in the base. I originally thought that a row of LEDs in the base of my water purifier was silly, but I have to admit, it's pretty cool. The LEDs are on rechargeable batteries and it makes a neat little nightlight.

Berkey Light Water Filter Review from Richard Marshall “ricwm” from High Point NC on Amazon

New Berkey Light Water Filter System With 2 Black Berkey Filters

I chose the Berkey Light mainly so I could monitor the water levels at a quick glance. That's hard to do with a stainless unit.
Soon, I discovered that with a small rubber cork, I could get by fine just using 1 filter element.
By using just one element, I have plenty of time to backwash, clean and dry out the other for storage.
The lid (top hat) is just to keep dust and bugs out. It's perfectly functional and easy to remove / replace.
I treat the tap with care, and after about 3 years, it's still working fine. Replacement taps are available, and I should get one just in case mine gets bumped or breaks from 'old age'. I'd hate to be without my Berkey while waiting for a part.

Yes, the unit is expensive, but compared to buying bottled water or having it delivered, the $209 is very small and the unit should last me many more years. The per gallon costs make this very economical in the long run. There's no telling how many thousands of gallons I've filtered in 3 years or how many more I'll filter in the future.
Another plus for Berkey is that they are well known so replacement filters & parts are easy to locate. I've had several water filters in the past and after a year or two could no longer find the discontinued filters rendering the devices useless and poor investments.

I did a small test (when unit was brand new) by pouring some coffee into the top tank of water. The filter did not pass clear water to the lower tank as some advertisements illustrated with 'muddy' water. This was a bit disappointing; I expected crystal clear water out and it appeared the same as what went in - brown. After dumping and rinsing, I never tried that one again. I've only used plain tap water since.
All the same, I can say my water passes the taste test with flying colors and I've suffered from no stomach problems whatsoever from our 'less than perfect' municipal water system.

Berkey Light Water Filter Review from Daniel Noll from Ajijic, Mexico on Amazon

New Berkey Light Water Filter System With 2 Black Berkey Filters

My son bought a website called [..], several years ago that sells both the British Berkefeld and Berkey brand water filters. As a way of becoming familiar with the product I researched the field fairly thoroughly. Although we sell filters from other manufacturers I was most impressed by the features of the Berkey.

I lived in Mexico for the last four years and discovered that even the Mexicans don't drink the water but depend on bottled water for their drinking and cooking water. I used the Berkey water filter with the Black Berkey elements as my exclusive source of drinking water. I found it to be an excellent investment. No system is perfect; every one I have researched has advantages and limitations. The Berkey seems to have the most advantages and the fewest limitations. We know the manufacturer of the filter personally and their research is credible. They are based in the USA. The features of the Berkey that make it my first choice are: It is relatively low cost - between $220 for the small Travel Berkey to $350 for the large Crown Berkey (I gave several of these units to local orphanages who were spending much of their limited finances on bottled water), It requires little maintenance - I would clean my filter elements about once every two months,

The effectiveness of their filter - although they do not equal the water quality of reverse osmosis or distillation, both of which I have also used, is very high.
They require no plumbing or electricity to operate, making them an excellent source of water in an emergency or in Mexico where both water and electricity can be intermittant. In the small village where I lived the water and electricity is on ccassion interrupted. I live by a lake and would get water from the lake to supply my Berkey and then myself with drinking and cooking water. For those living "off the grid" it is an important feature. If you don't think having an emergency source of drinking water is important just ask some of the folks stuck without it after Katrina hit New Orleans.
They are very durable, being made either of stainless steel or Lexan in the case of the Berkey Light,
They are portable which makes them convenient to use while traveling, which I do a lot of in Mexico or to take with while camping or any extended activity in the outdoors.
The same manufacturer makes a portable bottle version which has all the same characteristics of the large Berkey in a 24 oz squeeze bottle.

I am death on bottled water which is simply one of the most ridiculous ways of providing drinking water to people that has been devised. You have to admire the marketing however. They have people walking into a gas station convenience store complaining about the high cost of gas, who go to the counter and pay more per gallon for a bottle of water then for the gas, without blinking an eye at the irony.

Any way, that's my two cents worth.


   The shatter resistant and virtually unbreakable Berkey Light system is made with high-impact Lexan, ounce for ounce it’s stronger than steel.

  The Berkey Light is the perfect choice for camping, hunting, fishing or any outdoor activity. Make it part of your outdoor activity gear.

Note: Lexan will not leach foul-tasting plasticizers into the water.


Shatterproof LexanHousing
Height in Use with Base– 26.5"
Height in Use without base – 21”
Reduces to 12”  for Storage
Diameter – 9"
Storage Capacity – 2.75 Gallons

Flow rate is 4 gallons per hour
Will filter up to 6,000 gallons of tap water

The perfect Choice for Any Outdoor Recreation Activity


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